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Concepto at Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week, one of the most influential fashion weeks on the planet was spectacular in 2016 with its rich renaissance influences and stylish leather jackets. Gucci had the first big show of the week marrying the Renaissance to basically everything from Rock’n’Roll to the 80s style. It was a romantic show of nostalgic pieces, puffed shoulders and shaggy furs. Dolce & Gabbana’s new collection was a love letter to postwar Italy with a social media spin. The printed sundresses Marni SS16and souvenir bags were complemented by the selfies of the models projected onto the LED screens above the runway. Marni’s Consuelo Castiglioni also made obvious allusions to Renaissance wear by pushing the proportions of the sleeves. She also brought back the stirrup pants of the 80s with capes and capelets for sophisticated and unexpected effects.Miuccia Prada brought us a hallucinatory experience with a collection of vintage-looking coats and romantic sheer silk dresses. But Milan Fashion Week cannot be complete without influencers and street style. It is no secret that Italy’s trendsetting capital is not only a host for the big players, but also for worldwide bloggers and fashion devotees. Bloggers are an essential GIldaKoral Floracomponent of the fashion business: apart from providing their readers behind-the-scenes access to the fashion world, they represent an unaffiliated source of inspiration and lifestyle advice. Had they gained a certain reputation, they would probably not choose to promote any kind of brand, unless they can really relate to the style in question. Fashion blogs are perceived as a source of authenticity and a display of the actual use of fashion by the general public. That is how street style has become incredibly influential, without losingLeather Jacket Gildakoral Flora its personal touch, since street style is not all designer or expensive. Printed leather jackets are the latest trend this season straight from the fashion week street culture and they can easily partner any style by adding an original and fun element to the outfit. Although this year’s fashion week got off to a rainy start, the weather didn’t keep the fashion crowd off the streets and these timeless jackets were a versatile choice for many fashionistas. This season, Concepto had a remarkable presence on Milan’s famous streets. After all, this is a breeding ground for fresh brands, but also remarkable street-style stars, like Gildakoral Flora, Clara Racz and the Fabulous Muses. We were also excited to collaborate this year with Alina Tanasa and Diana Enciu for a capsule collection based on these leather jackets with fabulous prints.