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Designer Sales 2017

Have you been staring at high-class outfits for too long, without daring to check their price tag? The trick is to take advantage of the stock clearances. It is that time of the year when the big brands are making room for their new collections, so you are very likely to find quality pieces with 


alessandra ambrosio wearing concepto romeo reya sweater dress

Warm Winter Updates

The cold season keeps surprising us with more and more extreme temperatures, but let us not forget about the advantages! Now is time to wear those warm stylish pieces that you see in the magazines. The choices are endless, nevertheless, for the sake of a condensed shopping list, Concepto proposes woolen sweaters, skirts and dresses. 

black friday concepto

Quality Fashion for Less on Black Friday

Hello fashionistas! We are all eager to freshen up our wardrobe for this year’s holidays, aren’t we? It’s about that sexy leather skirt we dreamed about for wearing on New Year’s Eve or perhaps that cute woolen dress for Christmas. Thankfully, Black Friday has it covered for us. It is that period of the year 

Domination by Concepto


  It is fall, the weather has chilled down and it’s high time to switch to the fall-winter trends. The good news is that the army style is back again and it’s super easy to address by everyone, regardless of the occasion or location. Khaki can easily match any skin type and it pairs well 

COACHELLA music and art festival

A Summer of Festivals and Trends

The summer vibe is finally on and so are the music festivals. The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival already took place in April and it is definitely a huge source of inspiration for all the festivals around the world, where the warm season is starting to settle only now. Coachella is an annual festival 

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White is ON this season!

LESS IS MORE is absolutely valid for spring and summer dressing. While it can be fun to wear colorful prints and crazy accessories during the warm season, we invite you to check out how rewarding it is to stick to minimalist lines and classic white. The high-waisted white skirt is one of those iconic pieces 


Concepto – The Road to a New Image

The new image of Concepto was launched on the 29th of March at Simbio in Bucharest during an event which was alive with celebrities, fashion experts and many surprises. The new website has broken ground with an interactive structure and a more attractive design, in addition to three new collections – a significant milestone for 

denim leather combo

Denim and Leather – The Lasting Romances

This year the designers are in love with denim and leather. From Billy Idol’s leather jackets to Kurt Cobain’s shredded jeans, they are normally associated with Rock’n’Roll wardrobes. However, these timeless materials can make the softer, more delicate pieces stand out even more due to the juxtaposition against completely different textures. Wear them together and 

leather jacketes

Concepto at Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week, one of the most influential fashion weeks on the planet was spectacular in 2016 with its rich renaissance influences and stylish leather jackets. Gucci had the first big show of the week marrying the Renaissance to basically everything from Rock’n’Roll to the 80s style. It was a romantic show of nostalgic pieces, 


It lures you into the fashion tales – Utopia

Fairy tales have thrilled our entire childhood and they still put a smile on our faces. Each one of us has felt at least once in her life like Cinderella, with her own crystal slippers or Alice in Wonderland, where time stays still while we feel like princesses in our favourite outfits. And beyond any