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This year the designers are in love with denim and leather. From Billy Idol’s leather jackets to Kurt Cobain’s shredded jeans, they are normally associated with Rock’n’Roll wardrobes. However, these timeless materials can make the softer, more delicate pieces stand out even more due to the juxtaposition against completely different textures. Wear them together and you will end up with an ideal outfit for making a statement on the streets. It is incredibly captivating how designers push the boundaries in order to make these two closet staples more innovative than ever.leather jacket Fendi’s Lagerfeld wanted to strike a chord of pleasant aggressivity when he reinterpreted denim and leather for Resort 2016. The result was a beautiful hard-edged collection which expresses a unique duality through these two tough fabric conjunctions. Nicolas Ghesquière has introduced sleek black leather jackets into Louis Vuitton’s Autumn/Winter Collection and the combination with a beautiful layered dress is both bohemian and chic. Leather and denim are huge this season and that is why Concepto is thrilled to present you a new collection which focuses on the materials that have rocked the industry of fashion. Origins reveals the image of the modern woman, classic & fierce! White fringe leather harnesses meet stark architectural shapes inspired by the 1960’s basic pieces. Denim meets net inserts for a contemporary elegance. These wild combinations emphasize the unique structures of the materials and we end up with a simultaneously classic and futuristic look. You can also add a bit of Rock Glamour to your outfit with the new Concepto jackets already worn by famous influencers. These leather jackets are versatile year round and they have proven to pair with basically everything.