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It lures you into the fashion tales – Utopia

Fairy tales have thrilled our entire childhood and they still put a smile on our faces. Each one of us has felt at least once in her life like Cinderella, with her own crystal slippers or Alice in Wonderland, where time stays still while we feel like princesses in our favourite outfits. And beyond any tale that comes to life from the pages of a book, we feel lured into our favourite story and with a pair of shoes with personality, everything becomes true and we reveal the feminine side of fashion, which dresses us up like real dolls. That was the purpose of the Utopia collection by Concepto, which comes to life through daring colors, some of them even electric, with joyful prints and original tailoring. utopia by concepto Combined properly, the Utopia pieces will bring creativity and a feminine touch to the entire outfit, during any period of our lives. Rediscover your style with colorful blouses enriched by cheerful stars like IMELDA, ALITA or AINA. Are you looking for something totally original? The BRUNILDA, ADORA or LALA pullovers are the ideal top for completing an extravagant style. For versatility, warmth and distinctiveness we recomment the PERLA or ANA SOFIA coats. Of course, the looks are incomplete without dreamy leggings and skirts. The EDDA and NINNA leggings are ideal with high heels and furry vests, while the RICCARDA and MARIE skirts are simply magnetic to the eye. It is all about pieces that become a fashion statement in any season. Dare to add color to your wardrobe with the Utopia collection, available now on! Be original and choose Utopia by Concepto!