Concepto was born from our desire to create something unique that makes you feel extraordinary. It all began many years back with a Singer sewing machine received from our grandmother. As years of hard work passed by, we managed to create this brand without even realizing it. Everything we are and what we want to send out to the world lies within Concepto and each new collection reveals another side of us. We wanted to create a brand that stands for powerful women, based on minimalist lines, unconventional cuts and unique combinations. A brand inspired by women who know what they want in life. Who own their path, so it is easy for them to fulfill their dreams. Such women never give up, because they manage to always find their inner strength. They are open-minded and great at coming up with unconventional solutions. True women that trust their instinct because it is their natural way of knowing. What else do such women have in common? Perhaps something that many often forget about: embracing their feminine side in a unique way. These women also care about their soul and aim to be the best, most genuine version of themselves. We longed to create an authentic brand that stands for quality and innovation. We hope the type of women we are creating for are fierce and they love challenges. And to be honest, which powerful woman doesn’t love a challenge?



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