We, here at Concepto, are designers, business women, workers, academics and consumers. We have different taste in fashion and we sometimes do not have the same attitude when it comes to different situations. The one thing we are absolutely sure we have in common is the love for the environment. During the last 7 years we gathered a handful of people that can say loud and clear that they believe in making a change.

Fashion gives people a voice and we aim to use that voice to make THE change.

Our Fall-Winter Collection is all about this.

At first, we were thinking about the basics: fabrics, suppliers, resources and transparency. We have made a deal with ourselves to try and produce 80% out of the collection with natural materials. AND WE DID. We have statement pieces made out of wool, cotton and cashmere.

Then, we thought about our culture and heritage. We wanted to celebrate and reward people who are skilled and to recognize craftsmanship. So we found LOCAL ARTISTS and craftsmen who helped us upgrade our FW Collection. All the jewelry are handmade and designed by JADA Jewelry in her local atelier, here in Cluj-Napoca.

Regarding our handmade clothing pieces, we found one of the most passionate human being when it comes to knitting. Andrea Panait. She breathes and lives for her passion. She works day an night to achieve the best combo between fashion and handcrafting. She made every piece from our knits collection by hand and she continues to do that for you. 

The collaboration that we have made during the years with local artists took our collection to the next level. The passion they`re putting in their handcrafts and the attention to detail doesn`t compare with anything else from any fast-fashion accessory brand.

They are unique, they are creative, they are complementing your inner beauty and they make everything better.