General Aspects Accessing this site (visiting or order launching) implies accepting the following terms and conditions. For the proper use of the site we recommend you carefully read them. Concepto company reserves its rights to alter these provisions without prior notification. By accessing “Personal Data Confidentiality” you can read the latest version. Definitions The present site is maintained and managed by CONCEPTO COLLECTION SRL, CIF: RO17715069, Nr. ORC. J12/2349/2005 (legally registered), which we shall hereon call “Company”. The company manages this site in accordance with Law no. 365/07.06.2002. The natural person or legal entity who orders and purchases goods via the site shall herein be called “Customer”. The web address which is owned by the Company ( shall be generically called “the site”. All the digital photos, texts, technical data, prices and the rest of the information which is found on the site shall be called hereinafter “Content”. Copyright The whole content of the site is property of Concepto company and is protected by Copyright Act (Law no. 8/1996). The use of any of the elements mentioned above without Company’s consent is punishable in accordance with current state legislation (administrative, civil or criminal). Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to access the site using copying devices and software, or to manually copy the content. Similar companies or sites are also forbidden to read and publish the content in order to draw comparisons or analyze it in any form, without having obtained a prior written agreement. The photographs and data are used with the supplier’s consent obtained either directly or through its legal representatives in Romania. Personal Data and Information Security All the personal data introduced by the buyer shall be used by the Company solely to the purpose declared within the present site. Based on the provisions of Law no. 677/2001 “individual’s consent shall not be asked in the following cases: a) when processing of the personal data is required for the purpose of executing a contract or a promissory agreement which includes the individual as a party. b) when processing of the personal data is required for the purpose of fulfilling a legal obligation from the agent.” The information in the purchase form is required in order to send and receive an order confirmation, to deliver the purchased goods, to inform customers about current promotions etc, under no circumstances shall any personal data be disclosed to a third party. The company guarantees personal data confidentiality. This data doesn’t physically exist on the servers which run the site, it is accessible only to the Company’s authorized personnel via its internal network. Each website user has the right to see only their own personal data introduced on the site. The site uses security measures in case of losing, altering or misuse of the data controlled by the Company. The Company would not take any responsibility in case of data loss due to bugs or errors occurring in the software which designed and hosts the site Use of credits cards for online purchase is done under maximum security. Data sending is secured through a SSL encrypted connection. For Visa and MasterCard payments only Secure E-Commerce (SEC) transactions shall be accepted. After checking the card in order to be included in the SEC protocol, the system will contact the cardholder bank and the buyer will authorize the transaction. The moment the bank confirms the card authenticity, the card account will be charged. Otherwise, the order is cancelled. Please bear in mind that a fee proportional with the amount of the purchase may be applied depending on the conditions signed with your bank. Liability Disclaimer Concepto shall not be liable for any errors which may occur on the site and reserves its right to deny an order on the grounds of internal company policy without any prior notice. Concepto reserves the right to choose its clientele.


Fraud ANY ATTEMPT TO ACCESS OTHER USER’S PERSONAL DATA, TO ALTER THE CONTENT OF THE SITE OR TO INTERFERE WITH THE WEBSITE SERVER’S PERFORMANCE SHALL BE ACCOUNTED FOR AS FRAUD ATTEMPT ON THE WEBSITE AND WILL LEAD TO LEGAL PURSUIT OF THE ONE OR ONES WHO ARE ATTEMPTING TO DO SO OR EXPLOITING ANY APPLICATION ERRORS. Disputes Any dispute which may appear between Customers and the Company shall be resolved amicably. If the dispute is not settled amicably, it is the Romanian court of justice to resolve the conflict. Having agreed with the above Terms and Conditions, the customer fully assumes any subsequent risks.

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